Focus Automated Billing is fully integrated with the standard Sage Sales Ledger and SOP modules, the system automatically creates SOP Order/Invoices at either the Order Stage or the Invoice Stage which can be generated every X number of Days, Weeks or Months.

Each Focus Automated Billing Schedule has an unlimited amount of line items. The line items are standard Sage Stock Lines, Service Lines or Text Lines. There are no limits to the number of contracts a customer may have.

Dates of the Focus Automated Billing period can be automatically inserted into the Order/Invoice. Quarterly Invoices for example, the software can insert From 1 Jan 2009 to 30 Mar 2009 into any of the line items. Billing in Arrears is also supported.

Focus Automated Billing Schedules have a Status allocated against them, these are Current, On Hold or Completed, so a Focus Automated Billing Schedule can be put on hold if not required or if a query needs to be resolved before sending out the Order/Invoice, the Status Codes are all user definable.

Prices, Costs and Discounts can be taken from the standard Sage Stock/Service files or set for the length of the Focus Automated Billing Period.

Focus Automated Billing Invoices can be generated to a different Delivery Address and/or different Analysis Groups ABC, the Order/Invoice Reference can also be configured,

The option to consolidate all the generated Focus Automated Billing Schedules together for each Customer to produce one Invoice per Customer is incorporated into the product.

Future development is the automatic handling of deferred income.

For a full list of features download our Focus Automated Billing Brochure here,