Focus Bespoke add-on's are a collection of smaller programs which have been written for various end-users that perform some very usefull tasks which may prove usefull to your business

PL Manual Cheques.

Written for the Freight Forwarding Industry, this program allows you to generate a cheque from the Purchase Ledger without an associated Supplier Invoice, details are then posted onto the ledger as open cash and the cheque can be printed as either a cheque or a cheque/remittance advice.

Multi Company Stock Enquiry.

If you are a large multi-national company then this program allows you to check Stock levels and other Stock information for each company within your Sage system, for each company you can also instruct the software to look across a user definable list of Warehouse Codes, no more messing about checking Stock within each company as everything is displayed upon one screen.

SOP Release Orders.

If your company generates lots of orders within the SOP Module within Sage then this program allows you pick up all the relevant details within an order that may be either on Back Order or on Credit Stop for example, the orders are then consolidated for any given customer and one order is quickly released out of the system.

Bespoke Label Printing.

Quite simply a label printing program that can generate X number of labels against the customer database or the SOP Orders database, with the SOP Orders database you can generate X number of labels or utilise the label quantity field within Sage Line 500, Labels are fully user definable of course.

Stock Forecasting.

This nifty Stock Forecasting program allows you to setup Forecasts up to a year in advance of the current date, the system then interrogates both the SOP and POP Orders within Sage to ascertain if you are going to run out of Stock, there are Enquiry and Reporting functions as well as an import from an Excel CSV File to help manage your Stock Forecasting needs.


For a full list of features download our Focus Bespoke Add-on's Brochure here.