Development Services are organised by Mark Moore (Managing Director), Mark has over 35 years development experience having developed numerous products. Mark was a programmer and Porting Manager for Tetra so also has extensive knowledge of the Tetra 2000, Chameleon, CS/3, Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 range of Products.

Development Services

Carlins are specialists in providing add-on modules, these modules are written outside of the Sage core product but by utilising the same development tools as Sage the look and feel remains identical, the other advantage of this methodology is that you can upgrade your standard Sage software and then simply plug in the relevant version of our modules.

The Focus range of products are developed using a C Based development language and as there is only 1 set of source code it means that any development could apply to any of the Tetra/Sage range of products listed at the top of this page, some enhancements might be specific to the top end Sage products such as Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000, we can even convert software from the oldest product of Tetra 2000 up to the latest Sage 1000 if required.

Mark has developed a wide range of products in both the vertical and horizontal markets over the years, such as :

* Specialised Stock Control system for Christies.

* Passenger Insurance Claims system for Britannia Airways.

* New/Used Vehicle system for various Car Dealerships, was in use at over 15 different companies.

* Bespoke Payroll Billing system for ADP, created SOP Invoices in Sage.

* Cash Book Statement Import routines for Parceline.

* Plant/Tool Hire and Operated Plant Hire system, was in use at over 30 different companies.

* Photographic Transparency Hire system for the V&A Museum and the National Gallery.

* Sophisticated Credit Control system, originally designed for 3 companies.

* Various EDI Import/Export routines for Dominoes Pizza.

* Automated Billing System for Canterbury Cathedral.

* Bespoke functionality, System Integration and automation for Francotyp Postalia.

* Complex Tills import/export system for Vodaphone across 5 different African countries.

* Report Writing program for Woolworths.

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