Sept 2016 - New Diary Sort option added to Credit Control, previously the system allowed 10 user defined Diary Sorts, after each Sort the program automatically added the Customer Number, now both parts of the Diary Sort are user definable giving greater flexibility.

June 2016 - Thinklink updated to allow for creation of multi currency accounts on the fly, this was done to allow details from SAP R3 to import Transactions into Sage 1000, SAP allows accounts to have unlimited Currency codes, Sage cannot cope with this.

Mar 2016 - Added a Foreign Currency Analysis File to Credit Control (cccurrm), this holds the 30/60/90/90+ Balance Amounts in the relevant Customers Currency, for the local accounts this file is not populated. 

Oct 2015 - Thinklink updated to allow more control over projects DA0813 and DA0814 along with some additional Sage extension files, these are mainly for the SL & PL Cash Batch imports.

Apr 2015 - Focus EDI Link has been updated to calculate debtor summary information by various user definable date parameters. A client needed to report debtors to their holding company in 3 monthly intervals from any given start date. This enhancement adds a whole new dimension to debtor reporting using Focus EDI Link.

Mar 2015 - Thinklink updated to allow the ability to reverse Amounts for the Snowdrop Interfaces into the NL Journals within Sage 1000, the Snowdrop export file is a standard Excel CSV File.

Jan 2015 - Thinklink updated to integrate into a bespoke Tour Line System running under Sage 1000 where bookings are taken from the web and tours/tickets generated etc.

Aug 2014 - We have now released a version of all products for the new Service Pack 8 release of Sage 1000 v3.

July 2014 - Stock Forecasting module converted from Sage Line 500 to Sage 1000 v3.

May 2014 - Website updated by our web experts, some minor issues (if you find any please email me) but other than that it looks great with the new version of Joomla powering it.

Apr 2014 - The Focus Automated Billing module is now available for Sage 1000 v3.

Feb 2014 - Additional functionality has been added to Focus ThinkLink to put all sales orders/quotations on hold for non UK customers.Validation and correction of UK post codes, checking customer order post code against customer master file post code and searching back X number of days for duplicate customer orders imported by Focus ThinkLink has been sucessfully implemented.