Carlins Software Solutions have designed and developed the following Products with the aid of various customers over a period of 25 to 30 years, all the Products have been regularly updated with various enhancements over those years, click on the Black button for additional information and a downloadable PDF Brochure.

Focus Automated Billing is fully integrated with the standard Sage Sales Ledger and SOP modules, the system automatically creates SOP Order/Invoices at either the Order Stage or the Invoice Stage which can be generated every X number of Days, Weeks or Months.

Focus Bespoke add-on's are a collection of smaller programs which have been written for various end-users that perform some very usefull tasks within Sage which may provide additional functionality to your business

Focus Credit Control is a diary driven system that is completely integrated with the Sage Sales Ledger and SOP modules, features include Call Back Reminders, Instant and Bulk Letters, 3 Status Code per Customer and Debtor Day Analysis.

Focus EDI-Link is a comprehensive data export program, allowing a whole host of information to be filtered, manipulated and extracted from your Sage software in a fixed position format, a CSV format or as XML output files.

Focus Service & Repairs module is a very easy way to schedule Services and perform Repairs on your companies Stock Items and or the Automated Billing module, it integrates with the standard Sage Stock Control and SOP Service codes.

Focus ThinkLink is a comprehensive data import program, it covers a multitude of applications ranging from e-commerce and EDI to the integration of a variety of bespoke front end systems such as web sites, CRM systems and EPOS Tills.