The Focus Service/Repairs module is a very easy way to schedule Services and perform Repairs on your companies Stock Items; it integrates with the standard Sage Stock Control/SOP Service codes or in conjunction with the Automated Billing Module.

Services can have up to 8 user definable date periods, so for example Servicing a car might be every 9 months or 6,000 miles, you might also want details of when the Tax is due and MOT is due, that’s 3 of the 8 user definable date periods, each period can be set to be X number of Days, Weeks or Months.

A Service/Repair is pre-booked into the system where Instructions for the Engineer are entered, a report is then produced to confirm all Services or Repairs for a given date and then Engineers Tickets can be produced giving details of what the Engineer should do on site, the Engineers Tickets are fully user definable.

When the Ticket is returned to the office the details are then posted and this simply updates the relevant dates and schedules the next service, once posted details can still be enquired upon and additional text lines can be entered so for example if an item is serviced and then fails 3 months later this can be noted on the system.

A full history of Services and Repairs are stored within the system and these can then be displayed either on screen via Enquiry options or via a standard History Report.
For a full list of features download our Focus Service/Repairs Brochure here