Focus ThinkLink is a comprehensive data import program, it was originally developed for Freight Forwarding companies to integrate the FCL forwarding software into Tetra 2000 and Chameleon; this has been progressed to integrate with Sage Line 500/1000.

The product has been considerably expanded and covers a multitude of applications ranging from e-commerce and EDI to the integration of a variety of bespoke front end systems such as web sites, CRM systems and EPOS Tills.

The module allows comma separated or fixed length files to be imported into SOP, POP, Stock, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Resource Ledger, Cash Book and Payroll.

Pre-processing of data prior to import, calculations and concatenation and manipulation of data fields are all standard features of this module, these powerful options are all controlled via an Interface file so there's no need for expensive programming changes at a later date.

Focus ThinkLink also has a special holding feature for the Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Cash Book Batch Files so Batches can be imported, corrected and then transferred to the Sage System as normal ready for posting.

Other features include full validation of data – Focus ThinkLink supports all the Sage validation criteria and provides a detailed error report, it also allows you to create look-up tables for all interfaces to convert incoming codes into the required Sage codes.

For a full list of features download our Focus Thinklink Brochure here .